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Well at last the new site is ready. has been replaced by as the main site for the fans of the That'll Teach'em series.

Also we have new forums at a new site to discuss any U.K. Television Programmes.

Finally many thanks to Blaine Pike for the excellent new site page design.

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Welcome to the Teachem Fan Site

This is the dedicated fan site for That'll Teach 'em series filmed and produced by Twenty Twenty for Channel 4.
Here you can interact with other fans and some of the pupils from the series and some of the staff as well.

If you have any contributions please email them to

If you encounter any problems using the site please email the webmaster

General section for the fans of the That 'll Teach 'em and That Taught 'em series from Channel 4. Latest news will be found in this section.
Third Series
The third and unfortunately the last series of the award winning That'll Teach 'em series was filmed in the summer of 2005. This time the theme is Boys versus Girls and the fictional Charles Darwin Grammar School
This section also contains things about the More 4 spin off series That'll test 'em
First Series
This section is about the first That'll Teach 'em series. The fictional Kings School was filmed at the Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe for Channel 4 television, by Twenty Twenty Productions.
Second Series
That'll Teach 'em Too The follow up series to That'll Teach 'em, filmed at the fictional Hope Green Secondary Modern School, for Channel 4 Television by Twenty Twenty Productions.
Site Information Section
This section contains contact information,terms and conditions of use and our privacy policy.

That'll Teach 'Em 2003 That'll Teach 'Em 2004 That Taught Us
That'll Teach 'Em 2003
The first series Kings School a 1950's Grammar School.
That'll Teach 'Em 2004
The second series Hope Green Secondary Modern School 1964.
That Taught Us
The first series pupils own website.

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